Monday, 13 February 2012

It's Only Words

It's Only Words
And words are all I have 
To take your heart away. 

England, the land of the funny language, fascinates & amuses as you go around seeing their graffiti.

For a minute I could not believe what I had read. Then a quick click(thank God for the parked taxi!) & I couldn't help smile at the audacious message. 
Cheat your everyday shampoo, it says! Hats off to the copywriter. It takes real creativity to make people sit up/stand by & take notice.

This one(on the right), you will find in all Farmer's market that are a weekend speciality. Wherever you see jelly beans, candies & liquorice being sold, you will invariably see a sign warning you not to use hands. Please use scoops provided, they say.

In a country where eating with hands is a social no-no, what makes anyone think that people will use it for other gastronomical purposes, is what baffles me.

This was just outside the Marylebone station & I had to capture it!
The faith that a 5 month old kitten will be found! That no vehicle had squashed it & no neighbour stolen it, was heartwarming.

So residents actually take the trouble to rescue a stray cat is what occurred to me.
Obviously, I was comparing the whole scenario with India. How many stray cats & dogs. Roaming around without a care. Without anyone worried about their existence..

Have they found Tessa? 

This was in Stratford-upon- Avon, Warwickshire. The house & its name, both fascinated me. The Thatched House, it boldly declared. Loud & clear. No debating the issue.
Till we walked further & saw that most houses look the same, with the same thatched roof!
So the 'The Thatched House' lost its significance & became just a thatched house!

We actually laughed out loud when we read this notice outside the Stratford Grammar School. 
The 'safety' notice prohibits parents' access during certain hours! Surely, we thought parents are the most concerned about their children's safety!
Does such safety measures denote anything about a nation? One wonders.

Walking through the sleepy town, I bent down to see what was written above the post box.
Does any charitable person intend putting cash in through here!
We thought the English were smarter!

This is something new I've learnt here. Free range eggs vs eggs from caged hens.
Free range eggs come from hens that are raised in farms where they are let free to run around anywhere. They are happier & produce healthier eggs. Free-range eggs are more expensive than eggs from caged hens.
Anda toh anda hai bhai, my country cousins would say. Hamare yahan toh desi aur poultry hota hai!

This one was in the play area of Lands End, the extreme south west of England.

The firmness of tone caught my attention.
The pun is impressive. There is a wrecked ship which is kept here for play-purposes. Lands End.

Also, I liked the sad dog's face! Tears rolling down, since they are not allowed in here. 

Wish dogs could read! They would definitely admire the fine art!

Lands End was windy on 29th Dec, 2011. The bright sun did nothing to stop Nature from calling. 
After spending adequate time posing as a pirate in the Wreakreation area, P was frantically looking for a restroom. This is what he saw instead!
The generally reticent Gent, freaked. How unfair is this, was his uncontrollable lament.

This is a strict country. Whoever goes out to walk his dog takes plastic bag & a dustpan along. You cannot let the dog foul. There is heavy penalty involved. 
The dogs here don't even bark as loud as our Indian ones.(Drivers don't honk;dogs don't bark!)
What a mercy for the dog & its owner. Dogs are allowed on this beach! This is in St.Ives in Cornwall, the Bamaluz Beach.

All our meals are freshly prepared has to be highlighted. Why? Because, in many eateries, the food is just warmed & served. 
There are some oriental joints in England where the food comes from somewhere else, and when you order it, they open the foil, warm it & serve it! And charge you hefty for that.
Like the office lunch that the vendor outsources.                                                                      
                    8 TILL LATE is in the Hounslow Central High Street. 

London is truly cosmopolitan. All nationalities abound. This is a Polish store.

Till how late, you may ask me. And I may not know the answer!

What could not be captured were the two cycles being chained on the right of  this sign. 
International Hall, London. 
The college-goers were happily chaining the bikes & it seemed rude to click them during the act.

See what I meant about heavy penalty!

Do the daogs wait for the off- season hours when they can finally enjoy the beach? 

From 1st Oct- 30 Apr. Every dog has his day.

Liked the dramatic tone of this one! This was in the Porthcurno Beach parking in Cornwall. 
This advertisement is so well-worded, I just fell in love with it. The description so true that it is sad. 
Nobody talks to anybody. Everybody maintains distance. Everybody is wearing the mask too tight.
It is an individualistic society. The loneliness is killing. You can see it in their eyes. If they look up, that is.


This is the ultimate. Somebody actually named an eating joint Holy Cow! Wonder what they sell there? Nothing as holy as a cow, I hope!

This is in Chiswick, London.

Stay on. There are more places to visit. More kingdoms to conquer...

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