Friday, 3 February 2012


The tip first. When you go to Bournemouth, don't walk along the shore looking for a place to sit. Plonk wherever you  see the first spot. Because further up is also crowd. No chance that you will get any vacant spot any time soon. And we are talking June -August.

Bournemouth is located 105 miles southwest of London. Due to its location on the south coast, it has a temperate climate. The largest settlement in Dorset, it is one of Britain's premier seaside resorts with wide beaches and a great seafront.

The average temperature is 20-22
° C during the summer months. If you are visiting from a warm country, you will still feel cold. So carry a light jacket, if you please. The sky is clear, the sun is strong but the breeze has a definite cool quality about it. And the water is cold. For tropical country tourists, I mean.

See what I mean about the crowd! And the jacket!

If you have survived the below 7°C temperature in your life, the jacket suggestion is not for you. Remember 
the sunscreen though.

One doesn't need an itinerary about what to do on the 
sea side. You smear sunscreen lotion generously, let your 
hair down, put your shades up & lie down on the sand!
Soak in the vitamin D, let the kids make their sand castles
& lovers play around in the water. You can sip your drink
& feel the calm within. Click photos if you want & pose 
for some if you fancy.     


If you are lying on your back, & your eyes are still open, you will see the spectacular air shows against the clear blue backdrop. 

The Bourne sea & that pier in the distance beckons you. You are so blissful enjoying the English summer on the sand that you just don't want to get up and go! You also want that gorgeous tan!                                                                                                                                           
Your friends insist you must walk to the pier & you oblige. And even pose there. It's such fun with friends :)

After washing down the home-made chicken biryani with a fizzy drink, you now lick that vanilla ice-cream. And enjoy the beautiful sand castles that these sculptors have created. You are fascinated by the fine detailing, the precision. This is literally, carving a niche! 

If you are lucky to have enthusiastic friends who are familiar around the area, you can stop by at the sleepy small town. Most of the shops are about to close. It's weekend and almost 6pm.

Nobody stops you from clicking pictures from outside, though.

 Don't forget to drop by New Forest Centre. If you have time, that is !

As you head back home, you thank God for the beautiful sunny day. And you thank Sunny. Couldn't have done it without you!

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